Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Big Day for Ranga's

You know when you go to bed and you wake up and your country has a new Prime Minister??!?! Wtf?! yeah. me neither.

This is the new face of Politics: (Tilda Swinton must be pretty happy right now, thinking up future movie roles revolving around thrilling australian prime ministers)

On the one hand, I am glad that we do have a Female Prime Minister, it is a big day for vagina's everywhere. It is also a huge day for Ranga's.. no longer will Ranga's have to live in the shadow, with their creepy translucent ranga ways.. I guess we will have no need for this anymore.

OR WILL WE?!!!!!!!!!!

I can't help but feel that this is a mere pity victory. I didn't vote her in. There is no celebration. It was something that was done sneakily in the night. It's not like going to the voting polls and getting your sausage sandwich and the anticipation of Women Vs Men. This is a weak victory.

Poor Kevin. I liked Kevin, He spoke a lot of languages, and seemed to be able to get the economy going again when every other country was totally fucked. I bet now the Australian dollar will go down faster than a whore on Tiger Woods. Where were all the people with their KEVIN 07 shirts yesterday????!

I predict that the party will continue to lose public support, and they will turn around and say "well that's what happens when you get a woman Prime Minister" the country will end off worse than it was with Kevin, and Women will be set back another 15 years.

However, Rangas all around the country will be setting fire to Suncream Effigy's.

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Steph said...

Well said. Hooray for a vadge, a ranga vadge at that, in power. But still......kinda hollow.......the victory not the vadge that is.