Thursday, May 06, 2010

Take Everything

Last night I saw Courtney Love perform a Hole gig at Brixton Academy.

She was amazing. There is just something about her - she has amazing stage presence. It might be 12 years since her last record, but she hasn't lost her talent or showmanship.

I was hoping that she wouldn't just be some sad RSL throwback doing a greatest hits tour, but she totally rocked. She didn't pull her tampon out and throw it into the audience but it was still awesome. She played lots of songs from 'Live Through This' which could have been the soundtrack to my life in 1995. She also did some amazing covers; NIN 'fuck you like an animal', Leonard Cohen, and a really amazing version of The Rolling Stones 'don't play with me cos you play with fire'. Greatness.

Brixton Academy is in Brixton (duh) and I am honestly never going to believe anything that anyone tells me over here.... FALLACIES:

It rains all the time. No it doesn't - the sun is shining and blue skies pretty much consistently.. it rained on the weekend a bit. big deal. whinging gits.

Brixton is full of serial killer black people who will try to sell you drugs/stab you from the walk from the tube to the venue. Pfft. I see more black people on my street walking home every afternoon. Racists. Yes I did see some black people selling t-shirts outside the venue, but were they scary?? No. Racist Fearmongerers.

Over the weekend I also went to Camden Crawl, which is like a pub venue Big Day Out. Pendulum headlined the gig (australian band) and the bass was so intense that my eyebrows were vibrating off my face. It also vibrated away all my calories from dinner. Awesome.

It's kinda overwhelming being able to see sooooooooo many cool things whenever you want. You really have so many options that each weekend is taken up for the next year. AND our tom tom arrived today so we can continue to argue around the world in our rent-a-car. Arguing on the ferry to Spain, Arguing through France, Arguing on the autobahn in Germany. So many arguments to be had. Can't wait.

This weekend though (in addition to the arguing) we are seeing some 'Contemporary (Naked) Dancing' which is only differentiated from smutty naked dancing because it was specially choreographed and has weird props in it rather than stripper poles.

I need a clone.


Sez said...

Having lived in Brixton (twice), I might be completely bias, but I people who say Brixton is dodgy just haven't been there. It's is on the best tube line, is in Zone 2, has a great market, a M&S AND a department store. Plus Brockwell Park is simply lovely and almost heath like. Not to mention all the awesome clubs and little bars.

Glad you weren't fooled by the haters.

Anonymous said...

Um..what about all the people that get killed in Brixton??
The stabbings, the riots, the police station has more cells than any other for a reason!
The place is a shit hole and you are deluded if you think otherwise!

suze2000 said...

LOL at the comments about Brixton. Reminds me of the time I had a (second with that guy) one night stand in Streatham Hill - perfectly fine area, no worse than where I was staying anyway, and the house was amazingly large and spacious.

Dodgiest part of London I've ever been to was a council estate near Elephant and Castle. Couldn't get out of there fast enough. Also wasn't keen on an estate I visited in the East End (to see the same guy, haha), but survived both experiences intact. :)

And I thought the same of the weather in Melbourne (people were exaggerating its horrors) for the first two years I was here. But last year was miserable and grey for the entire winter, so while I agree with you about London weather, I would spend several years there before you state categorically that people are talking out of their arses. :)