Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jingle Time

Sometimes when I am walking home I try out different jobs in my head. Last night I was pretending I was a Jingle Writer, and my brief was to write a new Jingle for a World-Vision Campaign.

I never see World-Vision starving african commercials anymore, not like I used to see when I was growing up. Does no one care anymore? was it just a fad like Clear Cola ?? Plus it would help them if they had a song that we could relate to?? something to remind us that the starving africans of the world are still starving. Just like the Happy Little Vegemites song reminds me to eat Vegemite.

So in my imagination scenario for my jingle writing job, I am ripping off the tune from Happy Little Vegemites (cos let's face it - these are londoners, sif they have ever heard that song - they will think I am a musical genius)

so here is my version:

"they're starving little africans
as poor as poor can be.
all they eat is dirt and dust for breakfast, lunch, and tea
They can't even hold their heads up or stand because they are so very weak.
All they eat is dirt, and sand and all they eat is bugs and worms.
They don't even need their teeth......"

I feel a Cannes Gold Lion coming on.............

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