Monday, May 24, 2010

Donut Pick Me Up

It was the hottest day in London this year over the weekend. Lush. 28 degrees. Parklife. I much prefer grass to sand, so I am superstoked that London has an abundance of really lovely parks to sun yourself in when the opportunity arises. It is velvety soft and NO BINDIES!!!!! There is nothing worse that running barefoot through a field of grass only to realise that you are stuck in a bindi patch and have to navigate your way out like a minfield. No such problems here. Bindi's are a thing of the past. It's barefoot all the way for me now.

Being that it was a lush day, everyone is out on the town in their tiniest summery outfits, and this is where I find myself at the line in Tescos with an american shmo behind me trying to pick me up using the worst pick up act in history.

SHMO: How good do they look??? (in reference to a display of Donuts)
ME: Gross. I hate donuts
SHMO: wow. that's the first i've heard that. You are unique.
ME: mmmmmmm hmmmmm
SHMO: man its cold in here. horrible isn't it?
ME: it's nice
SHMO: just wait till it rains
ME: mmmm hmmmm

So he tried to figure out where I lived. If I liked London. If I had ever been to Boston.
NO. NO. NO Shmo. What are you some kind of donut loving serial killer??? Pfft "friendliness" I dont need new shmo friends in the never ending tesco line.

Dream On.

Love that Park.

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