Monday, May 17, 2010

Disgustingness Poll

I am not a germo-phobe per se. I don't go around licking handrails on the tube, but I don't walk around in a space suit either. What I do find quite disgusting though is when someone else uses intimate items of mine before I do.

ie: Towels & Toothbrush.

It is NOT NICE to get out of the shower and pick up your towel to find that it is already wet and used. Gross. and yeah I know that when you get out of the shower you are clean.. BUT you are still flossing your ass with that thing, putting your ballhair and dick germs all over my nice pristine towel... (oh yeah, i'm talking about my other half here) Not Happy.

So basically Mark has been using a 'training towel' because he is too stupid to remember that MY towel goes on the door, HIS towel goes on the rack. Door/Rack.. not that hard. He's been on the training towel now for about 2 weeks. The training towel being our crappy green towel that we would usually dry the cat with after giving him a bath. Ah well - you learn. He was promoted up to regular towel only yesterday.. so it is with great disdain that I find he has also been using my toothbrush.

I can't describe how gross I find this. Yes I realise that it's my husband's mouth and not some toothless dicksucking hobo using my toothbrush, but still. That's a private domain. Who knows what disgusting things you are getting up to during the night. Sleep Eating, Sleep Drinking, Sleep Cock-Smoking.......... Whatever you get up to!!!! Can't you tell the difference between my toothbrush and yours!! Do I have to get a training toothbrush now?? or should I start hiding and dividing all my things in a secret cupboard so you aren't getting up before me and sticking my tampons in your butt, or wearing my undies to ride to work in and stenching it up with your ballsweat!!!!! IS this what my life has come to!!!!!!!!


My DNA will never be the same again.

it's not just me is it??!?!


Anonymous said...


It's not just you! Some things are just off limits, I guess because your tongues are always interacting he thinks no diff with a toothbrush, he's sooo wrong!


Mike from Adelaide said...

Retalliate. Start shaving with his razor until he behaves.

Amy said...

Oh my gosh. That is horrifying. I would never ever ever in a million years share a toothbrush with someone, even if I was married to them. That is just too gross. Kissing and sharing teeth-scum are two different things and only one of them I want to do with someone else.

I guess in a dire situation towel sharing is okay, but really, if he has his own he should be using it! Perhaps you should start making his towel all nice and damp for when he gets out of the shower, see how much he likes it!

markburnetteditor said...

I'll just let you know, she does shave with my Razor :)

Rach said...

razors are communal in a marriage. and I shave my shins not my flaps. you are the one who fugs it up with your pubis hairs.

po said...

I just found out last week after 10 years in my relationship that my BF puts the bar of soap between his legs. He doesn't lather up, he puts the actual bar of soap, the same soap that I use, on his intimate areas, to clean them. I feel violated. I need training soap!

Sarah said...

Lol... dick germs, Rach? I don't mind one bit about sharing a towel with Gam as long as the towel has time to dry before I use it... using a wet towel grosses me out. But sharing a toothbrush is a bridge too far! I did it accidentally once, after fetching 'my' toothbrush in the dark. Yick!