Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A concert to make dad's pee their pants

I am going to see Paul McCartney. I know it's not alllllllllllll the Beatles, but one is enough right?!! I mean I personally think that there certain artists that one has to see before they die, Artists that changed the world, artists that probably changed your life. And the Beatles are a band that you have to see if you have the opportunity.. but unless you have a time machine, you will have to settle for one - and at least this one was one of the main ones (sorry Ringo. but no one wants to hear a concert of Octopus' Garden)

So the line-up to see Paul McCartney is as follows:

Paul McCartney (no surprises)
Crosby, Stills and Nash (it would be nice is Neil Young joined the pack)
Elvis Costello (cultural relevance)
Crowded House (seriously?? didn't they break up.. oh yes that's right I was there at their so-called "last concert" at the Opera House in the 90's. LIARS.)

And some other people - But that line-up is soooooooo 50 year old man. Luckily I will know most of the songs because my parents have good musical taste.

I can't wait till i'm 50 and my favourite old timey bands go on tour:

Michael Jackson: raised from the dead - shouldn't be too hard, he is 80% plastic, he's bound to preserve well
Madonna: crotch thrusting in her wheelchair
Snoop: legally allowed to smoke weed thanks to his aging glaucoma
And i'm sure Cher will play too because let's face it - that woman is an un-aging vampire.
NKOTB: playing all the hits and doing synchronized old man dance routines consisting of: face the front, face the side, face the back, face the side, then back to the front again (repeat)
Guns & Roses: playing a medley
Britney Spears: doing the 'got 6 more kids' need the child-support tour

can't wait for 2030, its gonna be a great year for Festivals.

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