Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It's Official. I need Pete Doherty's number, Russell Brands number, a coke dealers number, and a carton of cigarettes delivered within the next hour.

Why? Because I am a Model.

(Not Really.)

I am the 'stand-in' model, which is about as glamorous as being the 'fat girl' on 90210

Working at a production company does have it's odd days, and today was the day I wore a wig and pranced around on set to set up the lighting shots for the real model. I don't know how I feel about this... for one - you are clearly NOT the model, and when she does arrive on set you realise just how un-modelly you actually are...FYI: I'm on an Oxygen Diet from now on.

Finally I have a reason to chain-smoke and fuck 'stand-in' directors to get ahead in my career. I was born to stand. walk. stand. swish hair. walk. move arm. smile.

Easy. Where's my wig loading???

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