Monday, April 19, 2010

leaf watch 2010

A lot of people speculate that the one thing that australians will miss when they move here will be the ocean. yeahhhhhh, not really. I like the ocean and bodies of water and I will gravitate towards them if they are around, however the one thing that I have really been missing are green leafy trees.

Commence: LEAF WATCH 2010

When we moved to Ladbroke Grove it was winter - so all the trees were black dead skeletons. I was pleased to note however that there is an abundance of dead black skeletons up and down my street and in the area behind my apartment so as soon it was spring and I saw a few green leaves I was officially on Leaf Watch.

Everyday I get up and the first thing I do is check for leaf sprouts on the tree outside our bedroom window. to date: nothing green yet, however we do have tiny little green nubs, which I can only take as a sign of greener things to come.

On the street there are some giant trees that have been hacked of their leafy limbs, to date I have not seen any greenery on these - however I think the progress of these will be slow going as they have to first grow some twigs then the leaves will follow, so Twig Watch has been plodding along slowly on these.

There are some trees in the side streets that are blossoming away and colour the pavements with pink/white blossoms and light the sky with green leaves. mmmmmmmmmmm leaves.

This very exciting Leaf and Twig watch will continue until everything on my street is green like a nursery and I feel like tarzan in a treehouse.

OMG so exciting.seriously. no way.

stay tuned!

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