Friday, April 23, 2010

Lamington Day!!

We have a cat at work. Cats at work are nice. Our Cat has a song on Youtube.... unfortunately our cat has cancer :( Nothing worse than a cat with cancer, especially a work cat because he doesn't technically have an owner and chemotherapy for cats with cancer is something they will have to have for the rest of their lives, and it costs about £50 a month.

Where does the money for the cat's chemotherapy come from??? in an ideal world everyone would put money into a tin for him and life would be grand. Unfortunately, nobody puts any money in the tin for him - why?? because he's not your cat. I can understand this, having to pay over £1000 to send Lenny over here would make most people go "well he was a nice cat, shame we'll never see him again" and move on to getting another cat. Pet's are for life (my pets) and if I have to spend £10,000 on my cat I will, although that's nothing compared to this woman who spent £50,000 on her pet Parrot.

Basically what i'm saying is that animal lovers will find a way to be with their pets, and save their pets if they are dying of cancer. Except no one is going to save kevin because he doesn't have an owner, this breaks my heart.

So we decided to have a Bake Sale for him.. which brings me to the Lamington. A quintessential icon of every australian childhood, if there is one thing that Lamingtons are good for - it's raising money, raising money for school computers, raising money for class camping trips, and now raising money for cancerous cats.

No one at my work had ever heard of a lamington... "aren't they the little sandwiches with lemon icing in them?" um, no.. i have no idea what that is, and if you find it get it the hell away from me it sounds disgusting.

So I toiled for 3 days making the perfect lamingtons for my office. We had some false starts (exploding volcanic sponge) but I came out the other end with 6 mongoloids and a dozen award winners.



Just as I suspected, my lamingtons went down a treat. I raised £25 for the cat's chemotherapy so that makes me feel good about life.

BUT what is even better is this little story:

My office is next to one of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants. When my lamington's were unveiled to my co-workers they went in a flash, the office was busy, I had clients and crew buying up, including an art director who took my lamington next door to the restaurant. He came back a minute later to ask for another one as the chef wanted to taste one. Apparently he loved it. A little while later Gordon Ramsey's Head Chef comes into my office to compliment my lamingtons and give me a preview taste of his new lemon polenta cake (made with lemoncello). Wow.

I think i'm gonna be a huge hit in the playground one day.

Next week: Chocolate Crackles & Toffees, and other yummy treats from my 1980's australian childhood.


suze2000 said...

Don't forget fairy bread. Hubby's English and he'd never had that either. Nor party pies and sausage rolls. :)

tropical times said...

WooHoo Rach, they look fantastic, how did you get a great sponge happening..Yet again I am sooo proud of all ur talents. :) xxxxxx