Monday, April 12, 2010

isle of wight campaign


Your next stop will be the Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight, or Isle of Right, and even Isle of White (racists)....... is pretty. it's got everything you need on an isle - clear blue water, goats, cliffs, and pigs.

Itchy Pigs... we call the little one Eczema.

Isle of Wight is a 2 hour drive from London and a carboat ferry trip. I love carboat ferries. Cars are good, and Ferries are good, and cars on ferries are beyond exciting. But what was most exciting about this roadtrip was that for once mark and I wouldn't have to stare at just each others faces for 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!! what you need is a coupla couples to break the weekend tension, and one key ingredient for a decent road trip is having the correct personality ingredients - luckily the group had it all: Introducing the Faces of Isle of Wight 2010 Campaign.

Bill and Bob (not pictured: Bob) Ann & Ruhunther, and Maureen & Irene.

Bill & Bob - the gays
Ann & Ruhunther - the rich indians
Maureen & Irene - the lonely women with heaps of cats

I think we'd look good a cruise ship - playing shuffleboard and wearing matching outfits.

We're kinda in the English Channel, France is to the left, Spain the right, if there was a tsunami we'd be ok (depending on the side of the island) who cares what direction we go in 'knockout' as long as you win (damn drunken card games), september 11 was a conspiracy, fruit wine is just not good, a garlic farm sounds better than it is, and i'm not payin £5 to see some chickens when i could see some pigs for free. Why are there so many horses roaming around?? is this a sign of the apocalypse....

Horses are amazing when they're standing in the road,
Just don't stand behind them or they'll kick you in the nose.

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