Monday, April 12, 2010

The Great Easter Mother vs Mother

One of the perks of living overseas is getting care packages. Birthdays/Christmas/Wednesday.... and Easter. Mark and I both knew that we had Easter Packages coming to us, and being the uber-competitive dickweeds we are - pitting mother against mother in a fight for the title of Best Present Sender (Best Mother really) the stakes were high.

From My End:

Classy. Quality. More than enough to go around. Those chocolate ducks are too cute to eat!! This was going to be tough to beat, unless of course M-I-L was planning to send a box full of Cherry Ripes.

From His End:


A hopping, nibbling, plastic rabbit. Granted, we definitely don't have one of these.

Who can say who is the clear winner is out of these two??? (my mum is) Plastic rabbit??, I am intrigued as to what the 'with sound' sounds are, from what I know about rabbits they don't make a lot of sounds, unless you put in batteries are are greeted with the realistic sounds of silence?? Money well spent.

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