Monday, April 19, 2010

The Calender Trees

You know what I find incredibly racist. The fact you are only limited to buying calenders once a year... what if you didn't buy a calender at christmastime?? do I have to do without for a whole year?? it seems so.

I went looking around all of London for a 2010 calender, nothing at any of the stationary stores, nothing at poundland, nothing at the bookstores, nothing at the store that sells everything. I went into Waterstones (an obvious calender selling choice) and the lady just raised her eyebrows at me and said in a tone that could be construed as though I asked her what section the kiddy porn was in.......

" Um, It's the wrong time of year for calenders!!!!!!!!!"

Sorry! I didn't realise that Calenders grew on trees.

Much like nectarines and watermelon........ Calenders it seems are seasonal.

This is just not right. Who decided this??! who owns this monopoly on time??! Who is regulating the Calender Industry?


You can't tell me that there isn't a warehouse of 2010 calenders that are going to be churned up and turned into god knows what.. toilet paper (or next years calenders??) It's not fair. these calenders are not reaching their full potential, and furthermore now I have to keep track of my notes on post its stuck all around the apartment and we all know how that is going to turn out (bad - bad is how it will turn out.. oh I didn't realise you were coming this weekend!! I might have known if i had a Calender to write it in!!!!!!!!!!)

Fuck You! Calender Nazi's. No Calenders For You.


Po said...

Go for Google calendar, it even sends you reminders for when you forget to look at your calendar. And it's a no-discrimination, all year round calendar.

tropicaltimes said...

Hey, Cairns is ssssoo backward they don't even discount the calendars...what piccis -style would u like- can make one just 4 u!!

Rach said...

a tropical themed calender would be nice. or cats. cats in the tropics

Anonymous said...

assorted cats calendars


Anonymous said...

i am now browsing cat calendars :p
island cats