Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Phantom of the Oper-cat

is heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere


sharnee said...

Oh classic. I am loving all these pics of Lenny! When you said he was staying with your friend, I thought - how cool! I thought he had to be in quarantine lock-down or something. What's the deal there by the way? I'm curious. Not that I'm going to ship either of my cats to the UK (well, I might if he doesn't stop being annoying).

Anonymous said...

Long Live Lenny!

Rach said...

The dealio with shipping to the UK is as follows:

Cat has rabies vaccination.
Cat has blood test 1 month later (to test if rabies vacc has worked)
Cat can then travel 6 months time from the bloodtest.

He can come straight into the country. no quarantine required - which is great - otherwise I wouldnt send him over. too sad :(

On the otherhand, coming back you have to do 30 days quarantine, which is why I have decided we wont come back until lenny has passed away/they come up with a drug that allows him to fly wrapped around my neck like a scarf.

I'm glad he doesnt need to do quarantine. I couldnt handle the thought.

What I don't get is that he could catch a billion diseases in those 6 months from the rabies/bloodtest??? random

sharnee said...

Yeah so Lenny is going smuggle smallpox in, but as long as he doesn't take rabies in with him it's all cool! :) Is he going first class?

Rach said...

He goes cat-class, which is probably a small step up from suitcase-class

At least the area they travel in on the plane is pressurised/humidified/heated so he wont freak out too much. Apparently they just sleep the whole way.

I just cant help but imagine there will be some freak (terrorist) sending their exotic snakes across the globe and lenny will end up next to a boa constrictor.

Sez said...

So when does the Len-ster arrive? Looking forward to reunion pix.

And I agree, the 6 month thing is weird. Our cat is allowed outside. Lord knows what else he might pick up in the 6 months post drug test.

Poo about the return journey.

Anonymous said...

These pics of Lenny are the best thing ever. Keep 'em coming, Rach.

BTW - you are hilarious. I love your blog.


Anonymous said...

I think the reason they are so lax on pets coming from Aus to the UK is that let's face it, Australia's tight arse on quarantine so our kitty's are unlikely to be carrying anything nasty. They do the rabies shot + blood test, your vaccinations have to be up to date and before putting them on the plane they have a tick wash, they're wormed and they clear out their bowels. There's not really anything else a kitty could carry from a *safe* PETS passport qualified country that's not already in the UK.

You should totally get Lenny a real cape! He'd look smoking hot!