Friday, March 26, 2010

Obsessive Nerds Dont Make Good Presentations

I live in Ladbroke Grove. An area of London that has given rise to such musical acts as:

The Clash
Jimi Hendrix
Pink Floyd
Bob Marley
Transvision Vamp

Suffice to say, it's an intriguing area with a rich history. I love a place where interesting things have happened, a history that I have an interest in. There was a talk scheduled for my library in Kensington where a local journalist who has been working on the music scene for the past 20 years was going to do a presentation on the Pop Culture of Ladbroke Grove (1960'2 - Present). Groovy Man. Couldn't wait for that, because you would think being in a Library (a place of learning) there would be some sort of standard for what would be on display.

I have to give the guy credit, be brought with him a wealth of information. What he had with him could have filled an encyclopedia. If there is a place in Ladbroke Grove that Sid Barrett took a wiz on, then this guy would have known about it. The talk was scheduled for an hour, roughly 55 mins later in were still in 1967.

I think half the problem when you are obsessed to the point of having bad fashion and a hunch, is you have no internal cut off point to cull things that the general public might not find as fascinating as you.

I did learn that Richard Branson had a Virgin Record Shop on Portobello Road, and listened to lots of samples of songs that mention walking down Ladbroke Grove, the wonders of Portobello Road. Mick Jagger filmed a weird tranny film nearby (a film that should under NO CIRCUMSTANCES be watched whilst taking acid), Jimi Hendrix died in a house near my flat.

Ladbroke Grove did have a lot of cool things back in the day, I can only hope that there is a resurrection of the good ol' Punk Days (minus the racial riots/skinhead beatings) There is just something very un-punk about having an Accessorise/Starbucks on every corner. Damn You Gentrification.


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Anonymous said...

a boring old Englishman droning on for hours? who'da thunk it!

At least you got a few useful tidbits out of it!