Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I think its pretty unfair how much shtick you get being a woman around 'that time of the month', I purposely take about 4 months worth of the pill just so I can't be accused of being PMS-Bitchy, because I like to keep Mark on edge, he never knows when it's gonna hit.

Nothing pisses me off more than when I am accused of having a PMS related anger fest and I am actually am having PMS. The worst. I like to hide my tampons around the house so he can't tell - as nothing makes me more angry when mark is correct in his assumption that i'm only being a bitch because its that time.

Hey fuck you ovaries... who needs ya??! oh right, that whole kid thing.. overrated.

I really don't think we are the only ones who get angers. Men definitely get Manriods. I can tell they get manriods because normally they are the calm centre of the storm. the voice of reason. Not so however for that period of about a week when they deserve a good kick to the balls.

Here are some arguments that are 100% Manriod fights.

The washing up: whether dishes are clean enough, whether the glasses were put in the right position so they dont fall off the ledge and smash on the ground, how much suds he uses. I am quite certain we have better things to fight about rather than suds and glass placement and whether he purposely puts unwashed glasses in the rack. erghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

We like to go to bed at the same time - however I like to read, and mark is allergic to books. So I prop myself up on my side with my book and he (stupidly) brings his laptop in so he can watch ninja movies on his side.. i dont think there is anything more annoying that the sound of a laptop whirring away when you are trying to read in silence. Then after I caste some dirty looks to his side of the bed he gets up and sits in the dark in the loungeroom to watch his ninja movie - which is just gay and pisses me off. I'm sure he does this on purpose.

Movie Rentals: we are both hardcore movie buffs, and i would have to say that my taste in movies is much better than his, he is the Brett Ratner of the group and I am the Todd Solondz. What makes me want to kick teeth in, is when I rent my excellent movie for us to watch and he downloads gay ninja movies to watch "just in case" the movie I chose is shit. Which really implies that he doesn't trust my choice in films - which is really unjust because he ends up loving them in the end.

Lenny: when mark says he would rather go to Berlin and buy some leather pants and go to some S&M clubs than send Lenny over. I think that should be grounds for divorce.

Actually most of these things look to be my problem.. I still think he has a manriod though.

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Anonymous said...

pfft, Lenny's worth a million trips to Berlin! MEN!