Monday, March 29, 2010

Loneliness is the Human Condition

You know what the world needs now? A Moon Landing. There is never anything good on the news. So much tragedy. Breaking News about kids being molested on family tv shows of the 80's. Breaking News about natural disasters. It's all so depressing. What the world needs now is something to unite us all.

And what better than a Moon Landing. The Moon Landing (if it actually happened) was something that belongs to our parents generation. The grainy black and white footage is a mere nostalgic throwback. Think of how interesting it would be these days with the advances in technology. Space is intriguing. It shouldn't have stopped being intriguing after a few times up there.

I'd watch a Moon Landing. I'd be riveted. space suits and astronauts diets, moon rocks, weightlessness, the earth seen from space through a window projected to earth's satellite television in real time.

I'd feel a sense of accomplishment for the human race watching an astronaut go into space and walk on the moon. Go Team!! I'd much rather talk about the Moon Mission of 2010 than talk about celebrity overdoses.

What does the youth of today have to inspire them? if Chatroulette is anything to go by, then half the population sits around in the nude touching themselves all day long. Lonely people, reaching out to strangers. Gratifying themselves for the world to see. A sea of intimate strangers.

We need the Moon.


tropicaltimes said...

Excellent, well written 3 stars.

Esz said...

You know I totally agree. We've forgotten about the space race and everyone would rather go around trying to kill each other. Back in the 50's everyone was thinking we'd be living on Mars by now. But we gave it up for oil and weapons. *boo* *hiss*

suze2000 said...

We had the LHC fire up and run a successful collision yesterday. Does that count for anything?