Monday, March 01, 2010


You know what has really revolutionised the world of travel: travel websites where anybody can write an 'unbiased' review of hotels. Whenever I book a trip, I trawl through tripadvisor/expedia, reading every review for a hotel i'm thinking of staying at and making a decision based on the general consensus of a place. Sometimes though, the reviews are just ludicrous. We had to carry our own bags./we had to walk up 3 flights of stairs/the curtains were outdated/the lampshades had a stain/the seagulls woke us up...OMG people. please just do everyone a favour and stay at home!!!!!!!!!! that way you can feel at ease with your 'funky' curtains and clean lampshades and deathly silent morning.

This weekend we went to Bath for a long weekend, and the hotel we stayed at was pretty great - right in the centre of town, view of the Abbey, soft comfy bed and blankets. Basically it had everything we wanted: comfort and safety... and a giant booger on the walls - but I don't care about that.

Nothing to complain about here.

I think the booger on the wall gave it character. next time I will specifically request the Booger-Suite. and there defo will be a next time because I am moving to Bath.
Bath.. is.. awesome.

It has a beautiful abbey, roman baths, statues of romans, plus it rains a lot so the city has a nice 'wetdown' look for pretending you are on a filmset. And there is a lot of learning to be had.

You can learn about naked roman people. You can eat a bath bun with strawberry jam at the oldest house in bath - dating back to the 1800's.. You can go to the thermal spa for a day and pruuuune up.

Our weekend panned out like so:

Friday: dinner at a french restaurant -snails yes!! unfortunately, no frogs legs...

Saturday: Roman Baths (learning) The Abbey (praying for the safe passage for the return of Lenny to us) Bath City (Georgian architecture) Art Gallery (with a sculpture of Rachel - the innocent lamb) eating our body weight in pizza and antipasto, NAPTIME (for logbuilding) then a night out at the Masonic Hall for some scary story telling at Bath's Literature Festival (FYI - it was fucking awesome!!!!!! if you ever have the opportunity to see someone do a dramatic reading of some ghost stories in a creepy old hall. do it!) Then some cocktails, a seafood antipasto and a baked Camembert. I am still full.

Sunday: total and complete prune up at the thermal spa. we booked 5 hours. we had two thermal spas and a steamroom to fill our time with, and boy did we fill it:

Downstairs Spa
Steamrooms (with lavender/mint/eucalyptus/frankinsence aromas to choose from)
Rooftop Spa
Return to the Steamrooms for a Steaming (footspas and lavender room)
Break for Lunch
Rooftop Spa
Steamroom for final steaming.

I was a prune and a half. I looked like this when I got out:
sooooooooooooooo warm and pruney.
i've come to think that wrinkles are just a sign of enjoying the great steamroom of life.
So, Bath.. i'm moving in...into a steamroom preferably.


Anonymous said...

How long before Lenny arrives?

kiki said...

those baths are about as Roman as the Young Endeavour was sailed by Captain Cook

Just a model of the original