Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where for art thou? Burrito Man

Ever since moving to Ladbroke Grove, every saturday I wake up and go in search of the Burrito Man. I live within meters of Portobello Road, and the 'famous' Portobello Road Markets - within reach of the infamous Burrito Man.

Granted, I have only seen Burrito Man once, but that was one gooood burrito. He has never been in the same spot since I saw him that one time, yet every now and then I will see someone walking around with a burrito and i'll be tempted to offer them £1 to tell me where the Burrito Man is.

I know where i'll be this weekend. Staked in the bushes trying to sniff out the scent of black beans, guacomale, and salsa.

I should be a detective.

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