Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Joy Defined..

I am so freakin happy right now: here are 10 reasons why...

ohh yeah ooh yeah. the cherry ripe queen. all hail the cherry ripe queen!

Whilst London is good for some things, it is rubbish for others. ie: no Cherry Ripes.

I also have a bone to pick with their Milo.. it's just not right, its too sugary and not substantial enough. the only thing it can be used for is salting the sidewalks, cos if you're gonna faceplant and crack your skull open you may as well be landing in a pile of chocolate dust.

It's just hard adjusting to life without your trusty token household items. For instance - my magical bathtub cleaner 'gumption' - where is this?? my bathtub looks like someone who fell over in a mountain of milo had a shower in there. Not Right.

Smelly melty candle things. You know that shop Dusk.. whilst it can be headache inducing with an overwhelming array of smells, the one thing they are good for is melts - which go in the oil burner and never dry up or spit over the place. They don't have them here either. My house smells like a sausage got into a fight with a nag champa salesman.

that was until my care packages arrived. god bless care packages. Now I can sit around in my strawberry smelling loungeroom gorging on Cherry Ripes thinking up ways to import my magical bathtub cleaner (and to an extent: Maggi French Onion Soup mix). I tell you if i could import this stuff I would set up a stall at Portobello Markets and become a millionaire. Which would be a lot easier than coming up with some insane invention and trying to get onto an episode of Dragons Den (idea 1# a large Q-Tip for scratching the inside of one's bumhole in the middle of the night - thus eliminating the need to get up and wash your finger/banishing your hand to the edge of the bed for the duration of your sleep)

CARE PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


suze2000 said...

Don't forget the chicken Twisties. I was forever bringing bags of them to my mates in London when they lived there.
Mind you, I had to carry the buggers on for fear of them exploding at altitude in my checked luggage. A small price to pay to doss on someone's sofa for a fortnight though. ;)

Anonymous said...

So apart from the chocolate bars, chocolate drinks, smelly candles,cleaning agents and soup "London really gets me".(see previous post)

Rach said...

In the big picture of moving overseas, treats and domestic household items are a very small part of life. i miss them, but I have discovered a whole array of new british treats.

Choc Coated Hob Nobs!!!!!!!!!!!!
mmmmmmmm. I think i am turning into a Hob Nob.

manda said...

and they don't have Mee Goreng here - sucks!! the Milo is definitely not as satisfying as Aussie Milo, but as long as I can buy Vegemite, it's all ok!!