Thursday, February 25, 2010

iPod Karma. maybe

I did something stupid the other day. I lost my iPod. At the gym (again) the last time I lost my iPod I was at Mosman Gym and someone stole it from right under my nose!!!!!!!!! jerks. This time I was in my changeroom at the nature safari gym and was clearly too distracted by some enormous breasts to pack my bag properly :(

I got home and did the. 'hmmm my iPod which is normally in there - is not in there freakout'. After much deliberating and checking my bag for any mystery pockets it might have fallen into, I was forced to admit that I had in fact lost it.

However, I thought i'd call my gym to check out if someone had handed it in and they had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have handed iPods in at the gym when i've found them, so finally it comes back to me. Score.

I raced back to the gym with wet hair/tracksuit pants (tucked into my ugg boots) and a big fugly parka. so hot. I would have thought I was trying to steal my shit if I had seen me in the street.

So that's a big plus for London. Honest Peeps (and a naked peep at that) who found my shit and handed it back in. yay for honesty.

Then on the way back I saw some guy giving himself the bad-touch go to town in an alleyway (my shortcut alleyway), and given that I was looking so fantastic I decided to avoid getting raped and go the long way. Because what kind of Karma trip is that if you get your iPod back and then get raped on the way home??

No Kind.

Crazy Universe.

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Marie said...

walking through dark alleys while listening to your iphone? That's probably a bad ideo no matter how good your karma is! but I'm no better. I walk anywhere late at night and it's a wonder nothing has happened to me yet!