Thursday, January 21, 2010

Royal Advertisements

Have you noticed how much of a baldy balderson Prince William is these days. What is he? 52 years old?? that aint right. Poor Guy... You know what he needs..

He needs a membership to Advanced Hair (yeah yeah)

And I reckon if he's gonna go to Advanced Hair (yeah yeah) then he should at least do an ad for them. Noone cares about that philandering cricketer Shane Warne anymore. He's toast.

Can you imagine if the future king of England did an ad for Advanced Hair. It would be groundbreaking. Think of the barriers you could break down with Royalty doing direct advertising. It would be a magical world.

Then i'm sure we could get the Queen on board for Tena Lady (cos let's face it, the woman can't sneeze or have a good laugh without pissing her pants, you can tell by counting her crows feet, if you get to 2million, she's a piss pants)

However I think Hot Prince Ginge should only be doing high end Commercials. He is too hot for anything else. You gotta have respect. Respect for the Hot Ginge.

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