Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Loved Up

This is gonna get pretty loved up, so pop an ecstasy and join me on the couch as we pile our limbs on each other and tap our feet to the music that we danced to earlier in the night, but we can still hear tingling through our bones.

I know it's Australia Day.. Straya Day.. Invasion Day, and I have a book of Australian Animals sitting on my desk right now.. Red Necked Wallaby (miss em) Red Necks (don't miss em) and don't even get me started on Huntsman Spiders, do you know how awesome it is to live in a country where you don't have to check every cornice before you enter a room properly. I would have liked to have worn a big fleecy jumper with a koala print on the front and some eucalyptus earrings to work today, but eh.. had I known this before I left I would have gone shopping and brought the most hideous outfits imaginable... I could wear that crap with pride on a day like today (whilst I listen to John Farnham for the first time in my life.. by choice)

And whilst kangaroos and koalas are great - you know what else is great?? London. I just love London.

I love the cold. I love central heating. I love my heated towel rack. I love my magical central heating timer that turns everything on and makes it warm so I can get out of bed and feel toasty in the morning.

I love dressing up in layers. I love boots. I love jackets. I love love love hats. I love gloves.

London is a city designed for socialising, back home if someone asked me to join them for a drink in Newtown on a weeknight my response would have been 'pahh ha' sif mate. sif. for one it will take me 2 hours to get home because of the entirely crap public transport infrastructure in the city. In London I can meet someone in any part of the city and be 2 mins away from a tube station, and wait no longer than 2 mins for a tube to take me home within 25 mins. Easy.

Peeps here are just nicer. I have come to a startling conclusion that Sydney is full of competitive un-friendly knobs. Everyone in sydney is wary, they are wary of new people, they are wary of new competition, and generally just try too hard to impress themselves upon others. It's tiring. I haven't gone out and met anyone I generally like or would like to meet again in years. Upon moving to London EVERY person I have met socially or through work have been the nicest people on the planet. They are interested in you as a person, not what they can gain out of the relationship. Everyone at my job has taken the time to get to know me, they invited me to their christmas party after 3 days of working there. I got a christmas card. I have worked at places in sydney where people struggle to remember your name after 2 months, and would email you to ask you something if they were sitting right next to you.

London is just a city that 'gets' me. They have a sense of humour, they find it hilarious when my australian accent confuses everyone..

"love that post office, there are no lines"
"wow you have lions in your post office?"
"lions?? what the hell? Lines. Queues"

Lions?? Mental. You can have a laugh with these people, not just be sneered at as the obscure new person who isn't "in the group yet". I feel like London has welcomed me with open arms, and that moving here was the right choice. I don't think I'll ever go back.. not until I'm old and want to retire under a palm tree, and in this futuristic dream they have invented a roomba for the roof that goes around scanning the ceilings for spiders for you.


suze2000 said...

"I have come to a startling conclusion that Sydney is full of competitive un-friendly knobs."

Strangely enough, that's my feeling about Sydney as well. I don't like the people there. This despite having a lot of friends who live there, that I like to visit regularly.

Rach said...


aside from my friends, sydney is full of freaks

Fen said...

after living in London for 2 years I came to the conclusion that Australians (and this is a generalisation of course) like to think they're friendly, but they're cliquey and it's rare that they'll let strangers into their inner circle without at least a couple of years worth of effort. You're right, the Brits are friendly and open, I adored my time there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, give me Australia with it's beautiful beaches anyday!!
London for a holiday, but Australia will always be home!!

Rach said...

i guess there's 2 types of people in the world, peeps who love the beach, and peeps who don't give a toss.

that could have been a britney spears lyric.