Friday, December 11, 2009

I have a call from Smindoo

I am very new to this country. I admit that. However this is a predominantly english speaking country so I figured I would settle in quite easily and not have to walk around with a translator to figure out where the toilets and exits are...

I really need a translater though when I am answering phones at work.

I don't know if it is just the english dialect, or the fact that London is an exotic melting point of nationalities, or if I am just partially deaf and pretty stupid, but I can not for the life of me ever understand what anyone says when they phone up and ask to be transferred to someone.

So I just go with what I heard.. and so far I have heard some pretty weird things..These are the people I have transferred calls through to today:

"uhh hello I have Smindoo on the phone for you..."
" hi there, Nigaaaaart is on the phone"
"Nick from Hermee Ooffoo is on the phone"
And when someone Japanese comes in I just put a bunch of letters together "yeah mr awahsheki is here"

Who are these people? are there people running around called Smindoo?? Are we living in Lord of the Rings???

The worst part is when I have called up and said 'Lateeshfart from Derem Penergen is here for you' then they just look at you and go 'ummm .. i said Craig...' sorry it's my Australian Eardrums, they obviously have British Dyslexia.

I would like Anna Faris to play me in the movie about me.

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