Friday, December 11, 2009

Gifted Pedo's

If you ever wanted to describe to someone who doesn't speak English what 'internal struggle' means, then talking about Gifted Paedophiles would be a good starting point.

I get a lot of joy from movies/music and art.. but when the the enjoyment in question is the brainchild of a kiddy fiddler, does that lessen the scale of enjoyment? Example:

Jeffrey Jones

Arrested on Child Pornography charges, and on the Sexual Offender Registry since 2003. Bad Bad Man. But verry funny in Beetlejuice and Ferris Buellers Day Off. I love these films. Love them. Should I feel bad for getting such enjoyment out of watching his performance? Should children be taught that if you draw a door and knock 3 times that rather than opening a door to a portal to the undead you could be opening the door to Jeffrey Jones who is gonna put you in lewd poses and post the pictures on the internet?

Michael Jackson

We all know what he did, or what he supposedly did.. Maybe I am brainwashed from all the Michael Jackson Bad Touch Crotch Thrusting Documentaries, but I truly think he did bad things. And during normal hours if someone said "something something michael jackson" my brain immediately screams KIDDY FIDDLER!!! but if i'm in a bar and a Michael Jackson song comes on my brain thinks "time to dance!" There is no denying that MJ was an incredibly talented musician/songwriter/dancer, and it's a shame that he will forever be synonymous with rubbing hairless dicks all over the world on his 1992 Dangerous Tour (dangerous is your name is Jordy Chandler). But I still love his music. I just need to give my ears a good clean after I am done listening to it.

Roman Polanski

Ahh Roman. Roman Roman. The problem with the Roman Polanksi Internal Struggle is that you know for a fact that he did really bad things. I've read the court transcripts. He drugged, molested, and anally raped a 13 year old, and even got up to answer the door before going back to continue raping her. This isn't like Michael Jackson's assumed guilt, or Jeffrey Jones banging one out to pictures of 4 year olds in his study. Roman committed a crime, was arrested and escaped justice. BUT!!! I really really love his films. The Pianist was One Million times better than Shindlers List. Rosemary's Baby is a timeless classic, but they are the vision of a depraved sexual deviant. I can't help but think that in a parallel universe all of Roman Polanski's films would have been taken out of the mainstream and burnt in a bonfire never to be seen again by critiquing eyes. We don't allow sexual predators who are locked up in prison to make films and distribute them to the public, lest our brains become infested with the madness that drove them to commit such dastardly acts in the first place. If we can't buy a painting by Ted Bundy, then why should we be able to watch films by a Child Rapist??

They are really good films though. You just need to take a cleansing bath afterwards to rid yourself of any deviant madness that may have attached itself to you through the magic of the silver screen.


Anonymous said...

You really are a halfwit

Rach said...

i'd say more of a quarter wit