Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chunky Town

Wont you take me too... Chunkytown!
Wont you take me too.. Chunky Town!

It is really easy to put on weight in this town. Everything is so delicious. I cant walk through any of the supermarkets without buying packets of chocolate covered ginger biscuits/mint biscuits/chocolate covered cornflakes/chocolate pancakes. Not to mention that everything is so christmassy and there is extra yummy christmas food; turkey/cranberry sambos, gingerbread everything, german sausage festivals... Plus I have heard rumours that the water can you make you fat too, so lucky I have a gym otherwise I would be chunktastic.

I just feel hungrier here. Yesterday it was snowing (!!!) and nothing goes better than a nice cup of hot chocolate and a brownie to watch the snow with... plus the half a chicken, baked vegetables, peanut butter on toast, half a pack of biscuits, and a tub of yogurt...

I didn't have to work yesterday so I spent the day wandering around Notting Hill where I live and taking in the weather.. I was carrying my groceries home when I saw some chunky rain falling, so I stopped and did a quick survey of the skies, and OMG snow.. it was really quite pissy tiny sleety snow, but still I was excited.. then actual flakes started falling, and finally it was snowing proper. Sometimes when things like this happen I have to take a reality check and laugh because am I really carrying groceries home in the snow???? Laughable. this must be a dream.

So my wednesday was spent running in and out of the house like a kid all day to check out the snow.. which required a billion footwear changes as you need grippy warm boots to run around in the snow with, otherwise you will slip over and crack your head open, which is really uncool because most of my boots are really sexy yet impractical in that case.

Because I realised all my shoes were a death trap I went to the one place that Australians can go and feel right at home - Westfield. There is only one Westfield in London, so it's a relatively new phenomenon for the British to have every shop under one roof, wheres personally I would rather sit on a bicycle with no seat than go through the migraine inducing drama that is walking around a Westfield. I found a lot of expensive items that I want, including 'snow boots' 'snow hats' 'snow jeans' 'snow bras' 'snow vase'... but upon consulting my peeps we decided that £90 was too much to pay for a hat, even if the hat is totally cute.

It is supposed to snow bad on Friday, and when they say 'bad' I cant really comprehend, they are talking about not being able to come to work, tubes stopping, no buses... wtf? Oh well, snow day means more eating, more expensive hat buying, and more eating....

mmmmmm food.

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