Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I thought I would escape the monotonous "hot enough for ya" talk when I moved to London, but I have instead landed in a world of constant "ooh its cold out there"..

really?? is it?

Plus its not just the constant repetition of the blaringly obvious about the cold weather factor that is weird, its that they talk about it like it's never happened before...

I'm pretty sure it's been cold in London for ooh a few thousand years, and everytime around this time of year the whole cycle repeats itself and it continues to get cold again, just like it did the year before, and the year before that.

I really don't think it's that cold. If you have a warm hat/gloves/scarf/jacket then its fine. You can't go outside in a pair of thongs and a sun visor. That's not going to do shit.

Can not wait to move into our own place so I can have a party and make the very scrummy Mulled Wine.. Mulled Wine being a big factor in my excitement of moving to London, yet upon arrival it seems that mulled wine is about as classy as a warm beer. Damn my culturally uncool tastes.. Will I ever get it right??

Next up: Squirrel Pie!!!!!!!!


Helen said...

Move to Manchester. Mulled wine is the height of sophistication up here. We love the stuff!

tropicaltimes said...

I always fancied that too and mead mmm