Friday, November 27, 2009

Whinging around the World

I really don't understand why they are referred to as 'whinging poms', I've been whinging my ass off in Sydney for years.

People warn you that the tube is full of angry whinging poms, isn't every form of public transport rife with whinging people? I've been whinging for years. It didn't take moving to London and catching the tube to find my inner whiner.

Nothing is more annoying - no matter where you are, than people who don't move down the carriage - be it the tube, the 333 to bondi, or the manly ferry. People are annoying and slow all over the world. Pom's really have a bad racket goin on.

I don't even know they call them Pom's, considering POM means Prisoner of Mother England, and wouldn't that be like.. the Australian's?? considering their wily convict ways?? I find it hard to believe that the Londoner's shipped to Australia in chains forced to build roads didn't whinge about it..

That said, I would like to complain about the following things:

Tasteless Chips: you know when you buy a packet of chips and two of the ingredients are Chedder Cheese and Onions.. wouldn't you expect the flavour to be quite robust?? not so Kettle Chips, not so.. So I got online to complain about the lack of cheese on my oily potato chip, and their response is to send the offensive packet of chips back for analysis.. pfft what packet?? sure they sucked but we still ate the whole bag... who has time to find an envelope big enough for a packet of chips??? come on.. screw you kettle chips and your wimpy non-existent flavour.

When Twilight creeps up on you: when I first tried to read Twilight because of the hype about how great it was, I threw the book across the room and peed on it, because it was so preachy and read-between-the-lines 'don't have sex... ever' Mormon stance. But... when I watched the movie I didn't hate it per se.. then I saw New Moon and read the book whilst I had nothing to do, and I actually realllly liked it.. Who am I??? I don't know who I am anymore, specially seen as how I walked into the Islington Library and borrowed "blood rivals" the biographies of Taylor Lautner & Robert Pattinson.. (note: not much to write about, given they are about 12 years old)... Taylor was born.. went to primary school, and is now in the Twilight series... oooh Mary Kay Letournou I feel your pain.

Anyway, enough whinging, I really have nothing bad to say about London. They're all angry on the tube, but so am I .. and when someone severs your toe from standing on it in their 9 inch heels, they do say sorry... and if you are ever really thirsty you know you could just walk into a Foxtons office and pretend to look for rental listings and drink all the free coke you want. These are the true signs of a civilised society.

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Jewels Diva said...

lmao, good one!!!

Never tried kettle chips, but it was a bit stupid of them to expect the bag back.

As for whinging, hell, that's why I set up my blog, so I could whinge to everyone else!!!