Friday, November 20, 2009

Rock the Casbah

This week rates up there with one of Good Ones.

It's alllllllllll coming to plan.

I've been spending my days working at a very high end Talent Agency in swinging London. Clients include: Joseph Fiennes, Emily Blunt, Jeremy Irons, Helen Mirren, Anna Friel, Tim Curry!! (antici..pation) and sooo many others, The Haitian from Heroes! Suresh from Heroes! Soo many cool people to stalk.

First up, I was sorting the fan mail, and hence: got some good stalking info, for instance, do you know Emily Blunts home address? I do.. Do you know Helen Mirren's email??? I got it.

Joseph Fiennes came into the office, however no autographs allowed, I would a need spy brooch to take some sneaky photos, should be fine given that M16 and Scotland yard is just down the road, there would be tonnes of places selling dodgy WWII spy gear.

So. Awesome.

We have a home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Notting Hill! Well Ladbroke Grove, which is on the peripheral of The Hill, where The Clash came from. Our place is one street away from Portobello Road, so that means lots of fruit & veg markets, and lots of antiquey crap.


Also, last night I saw New Moon, and I personally have never been into Twilight, but I do like the thought of Taylor Lautner shirtless, and this movie certainly delivered. Shirtlessness so much shirtlessness! Taylor must have had in his contract "must be allergic to clothes".. so awesome. If I was 16 years old, id be spending all day today at home in bed pleasuring myself to thoughts about Taylor and his teenagery wolfman hotness.

It's Cougar Time!!

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Jewels Diva said...

WHAT A JOB!!!!!!!

Lucky you, can you get Joseph Fiennes number for me?