Friday, November 13, 2009

A Post for Epileptic Dogs

When I was really into Rock of Love, I remember there being a challenge where Megan Hauserman wanted to raise money for her charity for Epileptic Dogs, and everyone rolled their eyes like "sif there is such a thing as epileptic dogs"

Then Flight of the Conchords came out with their track 'A Song for Epileptic Dogs' and once again, eyes were rolled because HA! that's a hilarious song, but you know.. sif dogs with epilepsy actually exist...

Yet I have now seen first hand an Epileptic Dog and the heart breaking scene that is an Epileptic Dog Fit.

We are currently dog sitting an epileptic dog in London and it is the saaadest thing ever to see an epileptic dog having a fit. At first I thought he was just unable to stand up properly on the wood floor until I realised OMG this dog is having a fit right in front of me. I put him in my arms and sang calming Dido lyrics until the fit ended (not really, but next time.. for sure)

So sad. The only real thing you can do for an epileptic dog is use a Valium medication that unfortunately is rectally administered, and I'm sure the last thing a dog having a seizure wants is a tube shoved up its bum.

Poor baby. I am such an animal lover that 8 days into my dog sitting period, he is already my Lenny patch, and I would quite happily walk around with him strapped to my chest in a baby harness, sporting a shirt "I Heart Epileptic Dogs" shaking a can collecting money "spare a penny for epileptic dogs??"

Good Luck to the owners coming back to claim him.

"we're here to pick Zeke up"
"No babies here!!" SLAM.. (takes out restraining order against said owners)


amanda said...

hi rach, i'm a vet, longtime reader, i'm also an aussie in the uk, is this dog on ongoing medication to prevent the seizures, or just the rectal valium for during a seizure? coz epileptic dogs should be on phenobarbitone and/or potassium bromide to control the siezures. so, maybe ask the dog's owners about that, if you're worried.

kiki said...

^^ bet you weren't expecting that!

wouldn't singing Dido only make the seizure worse?