Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Russell Brand Moment

There is always a lot of things happening in London, places to eat, exhibitions to see, and live entertainment to spectate. Unfortunately, we haven't done any of those things. I've been here 10 days and all our time is spent looking for apartments - which in itself is pretty fun, as the Real Estate places chauffeur you around in cute little black Mini's showing you a buffet of places according to your specifications, and you get free drinks! So we've seen a lot of areas of London and have narrowed down our fav spots to live in (Ladbroke Grove/Angel) BUT we haven't really done anything yet.

YET!! Today however the dry spell has broken.

Being that I am obvs a huuuge fan of Russell Brand, I am in the know of his whereabouts at all times, and thankfully the stars have aligned to put me and Russell in London and the Scandalous DVD debut and Q&A at the HMV on Oxford Circus.

I got my wristband. I got my DVD. I stood in the group and watched Russell do his thing. Then there was a lot of waiting around before I got to go up for some body on body touching.

As you can clearly see - Russell is giving me the "helloooo" eyebrows.

The only problem with fan meet and greets, where they are signing things - is that it's impersonal, reeks of an assembly line and is empty and void of any real emotion, and you know the person you're there to see is only there out of obligation to a merchandising contract. But you know what?? if I was in Russell's shoes I would feel exactly the same... bunch of randoms coming up to hug you and make you sign things.. he was definitely in a Post-Signing-Haze by the time I got to him.

He did go in for the hug first though.. But then his eyes kinda glazed over whilst he did the repetitive "yeahh thanks for comin out, where you from? oh that's lovely that is, how do you spell your name? thanks so much"

So essentially the words I said to Russell were:
Sydney.. I saw you at the Hordern Pavillion

But still.. 10 more words than before today... next time I can only hope that we meet in a bar and we can talk more important topics, like what he would name his next cat, could he sign my London A-Z, can I sit on your lap(face)?

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Steph said...

Oh you lucky bugger. Totally should have gone the grope though!