Thursday, November 05, 2009

London iiiiyt

So. I live in London now.
That is bizarre. It's like saying.. "ok, i'm a zebra now"

It was very sad leaving home and all my friends and Lenman. I should have brought a blanket with all his hair all over it that I could roll around in when I am feeling pangs of missing him. (the pangs are palpable)

The day after I left home it was 39 degrees. When I arrived it was 9.

One thing that I am still getting used to is stupid Fahrenheit. Why do we have Fahrenheit? It's like one of those crap Zimbabwean currencies that make no sense.. how can it be cold if it is 29 degrees outside? Screw You Fahrenheit Barometer.

I am yet to start exploring the city, but today I will buy the one thing that I came here for: a container of Waitrose Cornflake Clusters.

Even though I brought 2 bags of clothes with me, I am still walking around the High St shops going "want it.. want it.. need it" to all the great stuff in the windows. A girl can never have enough hats & scarves.

Tonight I'm going to see a Guy Fawkes Fireworks thing on the Thames, which is quite bizarre - as you wouldn't think a country would have a fireworks celebration night themed around a guy who tried to blow up Parliament?? I doubt we'll ever see Al-Queda Fireworks Night in NYC.

Bizarre-O-World. Population = 1.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! @ Al-Qaeda fireworks in NYC, glad to see you're still blogging after the move.

Helen said...

Welcome to England! Guy Fawkes night is merely the start of the crazy.

Jewels Diva said...

Hope you're settling in okay. We do have Guy Fawkes day here in Aus, we just don't celebrate it anymore.

Anonymous said...

We arrived in London at the end of May (we're from Brissie). Sometime in June the Brits had a "heat wave". The news reporters said every night for a week, "We may experience temperature's as high as 30 CELSIUS". I giggled every time. a) because the english are adorable with there heat wave's (it didn't even reach 29 for fucks sake) and b) They said CELSIUS with such emphasis. Just in case we were mistaken and thought they were having a hissy fit over temperatures of 30F (no idea what that is in C).

Gotta love 'em!

Oh and apparently Aus celebrated Guy Fawkes up until the 70's when fireworks became illegal (without a permit)...NZ and Canada still do it apparently.