Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm gonna be a millionaire .. idea #17363

Ok, so you know how a lot of amazing things come to people whilst they are sleeping? ie: lyrics to great songs/inventions... well I had a dream about a new appliance that is going to change the world...

I call it... The BACON MAKER

Essentially: picture a machine that is a hybrid juicer/microwave contraption... uncooked bacon goes into a slot (like an ATM) and then you set your Bacon Maker to how you want your bacon (well cooked/crispy as hell) and then BING comes out the other end perfecto.

Is this genius or what?? The Westinghouse Bacon Maker is gonna make me a millionaire.

If only it was the 60's when people had really useless giant appliances in their kitchens.

Is Demtel Hiring??


Anonymous said...

That IS genius! I want it now.

Michelle said...

I'd fucking buy this in a second. Bacon is my favourite food on the planet but, excuse the pun, it's a pig to cook. Makes a mess of my splashback, damn pig fat splatters. This would contain the mess and cook to perfection. It rock my jocks, big time!

Helen said...

I would buy this in a heartbeat. And have it on my desk at work.