Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Week

So upon arrival in the UK, my new home as it were, I was a bit worried i'd be suffering from Post Partum Depression - ie: giving birth to this brand new life and not being able to bond with it. Luckily, London is a very cool city so I was worrying for nothing.. Had I moved to somewhere rubbish i'm sure I would have felt different (zone 6..)

Luckily we are living in Zone 2, in Finsbury Park (land of mosques and Muslims) - where luckily we have a room to stay in and aren't some burdensome lump on the couch in someones loungeroom. Much easier to be a burdensome lump with your own door. Plus it's only 11 mins on the tube to Oxford Circus, so you can deal with the roughness of the area if you run really quickly past the Mostaqbal (terrorist supermarket) to the tube station.

So far this week has been about finding a suburb we want to live in, so we have been going around to real estate agents in all sorts of areas, so far our favourite is Angel, but today we are looking around Notting Hill - it is a classic war of East vs West.

I have applied for about 40 jobs, so hopefully over the coming weeks I will have some interviews to attend, and can start earning pounds so I can go shopping!!!!!!! I haven't brought anything yet, as I am still yet to receive a suitcase of clothes I shipped over here, but there is soooo much good stuff that I need.want.

On the plus side, I have had a taste of Fruli, and the delicious snacks from Waitrose.

There are Christmas lights everywhere, which is actually cool for once, as Pitt St just doesn't quite get it right. Christmas makes sense in the Northern Hemisphere -icicles, snow, reindeer's -not prawns, pool toys and SPF 30.

1 week down. 5 years to go.


Anonymous said...

LMAO terrorist supermarket

Anonymous said...

jeez, after all my years of lurking my 2nd comment.. I am a selfish reader.

oh, good luck! I am so excited for you.
Can't wait till the suitcase of clothes shows up and ends up being full of blue couch cushions..

suze2000 said...

I need a photo of the terrorist supermarket. Islington's a nice area most of the time, it's a bit dodgy only sometimes. There's a lot of Aussies moving to Clapham and Bromley by all accounts, and of course, West London is crawling with us out on the District Line and on the way to Heathrow. Avoid Sheperd's Bush.

If youre budget turns out to be tight, I'd also look at Walthamstow (there's a lovely village there) and Croydon's not as bad as everyone makes out - mainly because of the Sorter pub and the fast trains to Victoria every few minutes. HTH.

Anonymous said...

Cherry Bakewell's and the Tesco 2x 5pk of jam doughnuts for a pounder are like crack to me.

Thank gaawd I don't live a 5 minute walk from a Tesco anymore. I had a 2 pk a day habit going on :oP

Good luck with the house/apartment hunting and the job search!