Sunday, October 18, 2009

Moving to London, a dramatic reading

Pack Pack Pack and store things away
I wont take my DVD's
I'll watch you again one day.

Guitar, Sewing Machine, a Care Bear and an Amp,
These things I don't need anymore.
Would you like to buy my lamp?

Scrub the roof, Scrub the walls, Clean the drain of my Hair
I've never cleaned so much before.
How did mould get up there?

Going Sunday, Going Thursday, Going Monday, Going When?
I'll change my ticket a million times,
I'm having a farwell at the Rocks, i'll see you all then.

Lenny! You are my best friend
at the moment we are attached at the hip
Together till the end.

I'd honestly rather spend my last weeks hanging out all day
With my cat inside watching The Hills
April is only 5 months away.

I really hope that moving to London will be heaven
I don't want to hear how you hated it over there
Sif you would live in Zone Seven

At the moment i'm standing on a ledge, thats golden with shine
I'll jump into the darkness
To see what lurks behind.


Amanda said...

I realise this is completely random, but I've been reading your blog for a while (largely lurking), if you're still looking for someone who is interested in a working sewing machine... maybe find a way to get in contact?

Rach said...


if noone within my inner circle wants it, its all yours.

You can pick it up from the front of my house. i'll be lurking in the bushes with a can of Oven Cleaner to spray on you in case you are in fact - a serial killer disguised as a blog reader.