Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Word on the Street: My Street

so i'm back in sydney, it's decidedly sydney-ish, in that there are no old town squares and no 400 year old churches and basically nothing Prague about the place. But that is ok because we have a nice harbour and I was thoroughly enjoying it on my ferry trip into the city on my first week back. I have seen stingrays and octopus' in that shit so that is one thing that our harbour has over the fantastic wonderland that is Europe.

Aside from our stingrays and octopus life has unfolded like this:

So in my first week back I was offered a job, which is awesome - the condition being that I read 'The Secret' so I have been doing so and 'visualising' all the things I want, let's see if I can materialise some lipgloss/pencil skirts out of thin air like the book says.

I also got completely into The Hills whilst I was away, however for some ghey reason the channel it was on over there wasn't playing them in chronological order, so one second Lauren's with Brody, then she's with Jason, and living with Heidi, then they are bitter enemies. It was confusing and no amount of wikipedia could sort out that situation, so I have been on a regime of serious Hills Watching Marathon.. I am going to use my 'secret' skills to materialise myself a job at Teen Vogue for shiz (the People's Republic I don't care for - that lady who runs it seems like a crazy woman)

And that's about it.. Lenny didn't do a giant Anger Poo on a powerboard like he did last time we got back from holidays so that was a nice change.


Michelle said...

No Anger Poo! Looks like Lenny's near poisoning this year has gone a long way to curing his abandonment issues! Every cloud has a silver lining hey?!

Anonymous said...

Damn I love The Hills, that shit is comedy gold.