Friday, September 11, 2009

That's HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know how in Sex and the City, Samantha is always joking about how she's fucked everybody in New York and some people in New Jersey... well she's pretty much right on target about fucking everybody.

"Why dont you act like..... you fucked Samantha"

THAT'S IT!!!!!

This is the The Guy

He also plays Lex Luthor, Blair Waldorf's dad, and lots of 'Guy in Suit' type roles..

Arhhhhh. Now I can sleep again.


Anonymous said...

I feel as though I'm still missing something. I know Sex and the City and Samantha. But where does this guy fit in, exactly?

Rach said...

In season 2 of SATC, in an Episode called 'Evolution' Samantha has run into an old boyfriend who dumped her and broke her heart "dominique" and she thinks she'll start fucking him again and break his heart this time around, and that is THAT GUY