Saturday, September 19, 2009

Streetcar will kill ya

You're a dame and i'm a fella.... Stanely stop or i'll tell Stella!
All I want is one embrace... i'll twist this bottle in your face!

Can't you hear me yell-a
You're puttin me through hell-a
Stella..... STELLA!!!!!!!!!!

If there is one thing you can't fault The Simpsons for, is being tapped into all areas of modern culture. And thankfully, due to my couch potato ways I was well versed into today's performance of 'Streetcar Named Desire' at the Sydney Theatre Company.

I have been eagerly anticipating today's show considering I brought the tickets 10 Months ago, and it truly delivered on all my expectations.

The three lead's -Cate, Joel and Robin were fantastic. You just can't go wrong with a cast like that and the works of Tennessee Williams.

Cate Blanchett was captivating, beautiful, funny, and ethereal in her performance. She truly conveyed the sadness and wretched state of mind that is the script's pivotal character, Blanche Dubois.

Robin McLeavy definitely held her own against Cate, and once again I was truly impressed by her performance.. big things.. I forsee big things in her future (says me with my shawl, scented candles and captain obvious crystal ball)

Joel Edgerton was............ hot. I saw him arriving at the theatre when I was loitering around on the street, and saw this hunky, sweaty, tanned man walking towards me.. it took awhile when I cleaned the drool off myself to realise that it was infact the leading man - Joel Edgerton. I really had to applaud the direction of this play, as there were so many gratuitious shirtless scenes with Joel it seemed like an insider joke after the 14th time. But, his manly tanned pecs and arm muscles aside - he was also incredibly good. He should win the Hot/Shirtless and Good Acting Award 2009.

However the thing that makes this a great show, isn't the fact that it is sold out, that the material is superb, the killer cast.... it's the fact that all these things combined could actually kill a person.. maybe it's just so good it should be illegal. When the show was in previews when it first opened, Cate was bashed in the face with a rogue prop when it slipped out of Joels tanned, sweaty, muscly, wet, manly hands and conked her in the head, being the trooper that she is, she continued the scene until she realised she had some brain leaking out (you can't fault the professionalism).

In today's performance, some old geezer at the back thought the show as so good they actually had a fit! As in; gonna die, having a seizure fit.. luckily there was a doctor in the house (sif that ever really happens!?!) and they jumped over the chairs to stop this person swallowing their tongue and dying right there in the theatre. Needless to say there was a lot of commotion. But Robin and Cate never broke their stride, they know the risks. If you're going to be as red hot as they are on stage, the tickets need to come with a warning.

Warning: Watch at your own risk. This Performance might be so f*#cking good that you could die.


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