Thursday, September 03, 2009

Let's move to Italy

I think it's fairly impossible to visit Italy and not want to quit your job and move there for at least 3 months. What is not to love? great food, easy to learn language, fashion, more amazing buildings, and funky Italian people.

Milan was an excellent city and I'm so glad I went. It was super easy to get around too, usually I would be a bit apprehensive about getting on the tube in a country where the signs aren't in English, but we figured it out and zipped around the city with ease (a ticket costs $3 for unlimited travel) too easy. Makes the experience that much better knowing you got around with the locals and weren't stuck on an overpriced tourist bus.

As I've said before Milan doesn't have the overwhelming historical mega building factor that Rome has, but it does have some pretty cool shit:
This is the Duomo. Took 400 years to build, and anything called a Duomo is cool cos you can hark back the Silence of the Lambs when Hannibal Lector is stroking his chin and reminiscing about the 'Duomo seen from the Belvedere'....... it's an incredible building, made from this flawless white marble. You can climb around on the roof for $6 and see the incredible structural genius for yourself. The intricate details of the sculptures are amazing, and there are Lions everywhere. Lions Lions Lions. What's with all the Lions?? CS Lewis really didn't have to think too hard when coming up with Aslan for the Chronicles of Narnia.

The coolest thing about Europe, with all it's history and sic buildings, is that you could totally picture a movie about the Knights Templar taking place in all these locations. Something actiony, with Nicholas Cage, and Ninja Knights of the Modern Age, and Will Ferrell and John C Reilly as two Italian Brothers who are scam artists... (Sony Pictures???)

Our Milan experience I am sure wouldn't have been as good if we weren't staying in the Navigli area.
This neighbourhood is situated on the Canals (which are the brain child of Leonardo Da Vinci) The Canals are the cleanest I have ever seen, and I was this close to jumping in them on a hot 30 degree day. It was great to stay there because it's not a tourist area (there is one hotel) because this is where families and the regular peeps of Milan live. Hence, dinners are cheaper ($8 for an all you can eat Happy Hour from 6 - 10pm) which has a spread of anti-pastas/salami/mozzarella balls/meatballs/penne/pizza.. the best food you will come across and dirt cheap. So great. I ate so much I practically rolled home after a 4 hour food fest.

The Milanese are really cool. They are really nice, really trendy, and have great fashion sense and haircuts.. I've never been into undercuts, but after seeing our sexy waitress who looked like Scarlet Johnansens twin, I could be swayed to getting the buzz on my neck.

So go now. Book a ticket and go to Italy for 3 months. Although if you're going to Milan stay in the Navigli Neighbourhood, otherwise you might have to eat rip off pizza and stare at graffiti walls out of your underwhelming hotel room.

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Sarah said...

Wow... I've heard so many people report bad experiences (or convince themselves that being caught in the tourist traps was actually wonderful, dahling) staying in Italy... if we ever go, I'm coming to you for tips :)