Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Great Toilet Paper Debate

You know the one thing that really gets my goat re: Men/Husbands/The Y Chromosome..

It's not that they leave the seat up
It's not that they can't seem to find things right in front of their eyes
It's not that they seem incapable of normal brain function

It's that they can use half a freakin roll of toilet paper when they go the toilet.

Half a Roll!!!!!!!!! on ONE crap!!!!
It just doesn't make any sense on the (crap: paper) ratio
What the hell is wrong with your anus when you need that much TP to get the area clean??

Do you have a second anus that leaks crap out continuously?
Do you wipe yourself mid-crap?
Were you just never taught how to wipe your arse properly??

I could get by on just one square. Put me on a pedestal already.
President of the Happy Crappers Fanclub.


sharnee said...

Oh no! I have to say that in our household it's the opposite (I'm not saying I need 500 squares to wipe my bum) but my husband is always saying that he could give off a single roll of TP for a few months and "omg, how horrendous is it that girls use so much toilet paper" etc etc?
PS: loved all the recent travel posts. V. V. Jealous

Sarah said...

Lol... I think it's true that guys use proportionally more per crap, but I think girls definitely use more overall... at least I do, peeing all the damn time. Gam never understands my TP stockpiling and my fear of running out!

Jewels Diva said...


Make him buy the loo paper in the future then he'll get that he needs to cut down.