Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Frank Grimey Grimes

You know, even though when I move to London I will have live with the rain and cold (to be honest, I couldnt care less about this - I live for jacket and boot weather) but at least moving over there I won't have to deal with this:
This is Military Road in Mosman this morning.. Apocalypse... Armageddon.... the surface of Mars?? No just a mega dust cloud that covered the whole city.

If that wasn't bad enough - the dust permeated all through the apartment. Red dust on everything!!!!!!!!!! I had to spend about 4 hours cleaning up surfaces and vaccuming everything to get the red crunt of all our belongings.

At least I know when I move to London I won't ever wake up and feel like Frank Grimes with a film of red dust on everything I touch.

I'll just be cold and mouldy instead. Can't Wait !


Anonymous said...

and start getting excited for the mice cockroaches but plenty of mice!


Rach said...

i used to have pet mice, i can set up some wheels and toilet paper houses for them.. must get Plague Shot though...