Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear Diary, I am 12

I've been culling through the hordes of crap in my spare room, one thing in particular is my picnic basket where I keep all my old journals dating back to 1992.. they are HILARIOUS!! omg I was and still am such. a. loser.. but i would still be friends with me.

check it:

July 1992 - at a time where I was obsessed with Edward Furlong

I love Edward Furlong so much it's unbelievable. I'd like to meet him but I don't know where he lives. But I have an idea on how to.
1. go to the post office and ask where to post a letter to him then follow the postman to his house. But I dont want to write a letter and I don't want to send a photo as I look nothing like Jodie Foster. And i'm not 15 yet.
Even back then I had the good stalking senses.


sharkcrow said...

HAHA Brilliant... I'm really regretting throwing mine out in my last move. So much amusement in the diaries of teenage girls!

Jewels Diva said...


I've still got all of mine packed away somewhere.

God knows what I wrote about!