Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wall F#ckers in Prague


I have to say I've been to quite a few nice European Cities, and Prague is probably one of my favourites. This is why.

Upon arrival in Prague we went to our hotel which is in Old Town, and if you ever go to Prague I would recommend staying in Old Town as there is everything you need and nice old buildings to make love to.

However, the Czech people are sneaky, they like to test your boundaries, they like to give you a shit room and see if you will take it or not. It only takes me two sniffs in a room to decide weather I would prefer to sleep in a burnt out car on the street, and the first room we were shown at our hotel was like this.

It clearly had been occupied by a smoker, I felt like I was getting lung cancer just by sniffing the curtains. However we went down to reception and were moved to a much nicer, fancier room. Yay for us. Although what up Europe with the twin beds ??? Two beds pushed together does not a Queen Bed Make. Fools.

Prague was about 30 degrees everyday, so my legs and boobs have a nice tan, which the locals clearly appreciated as I was getting picked up at every bar we went to, which is always nice. Mark didn't think it was that nice, but if he had the killer cleavage like me, then maybe he would get hit on as well.

There are bars everywhere in Prague. It is like the Thailand of Europe. Bars everywhere, cocktails everywhere, extremely cheap food and delicious drinks. What more could you ask for ??

Our hotel (Hastal Prague, on Hastalska) is about 3 mins from the city centre, and what an amazing site. I never knew I was horny for buildings before coming to Prague, but I nearly wet my pants at the sight of it all. Beautiful Baroque and Renaissance architecture everywhere, amazing churches, an Astronomical Clock Tower, side streets with more georgous buildings, Synagogues, The city has everything and more.

From Old Town you can walk 10 minutes over the Charles Bridge to Mala Strana, a city under the Castle which is equally impressive, plus it has a castle and an amazing church to wander around and fondle the walls and crevices.

We spent our 5 days in Prague, looking at buildings, drinking Pina Coladas, eating Goulash, and tanning up as we sat in Oasis style bars that pop up in the tiny streets as you meander around.

One thing I would highly recommend is going on a Ghost Tour around the Old Town Square, where you learn all about the dark violence that permeates through the Old Town walls, as well as capture lots of ghostly orbs on your camera like I did (I will post about the Old Town Ghosts and my orbs later)

There is a Jewish Quarter where you can enter a graveyard dating back to the 1500's, and one of the only remaining Jewish cemeteries since WWII. There is history amass in this place, and it is quite overwhelming to be in a town where even the pavement has a bloody history behind it.

We spent a day in Kastna Hora, a little town an hour out of Prague, and again... beautiful churches and buildings to make love to. If you are a building-o-phile, which I think I am, then Prague is for you. The great thing about Prague and it's towns is that it is on the UNSECO World Heritage list and was spared bombing during WWII due to its historical beauty and rich history.

Prague is just the Bomb. I didn't want to leave. Everybody speaks English and is super friendly, maybe that is because the Czech Men love The Rach, but I think everyone should come here.

We are now in Milan, and everyone we spoke to about Milan was all "why the hell are you going to Milan??" well we are staying on the Canals in Milan where they shut down the streets at night and move all tables and lounges onto the streets so the entire canals is party central. I love it here.

Prague 4Eva.. but Milan is cool too.

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