Monday, August 10, 2009

Standing Around in Another City

The first time I came to London I learnt that when the sign says circus, it doesn't mean a whole lot of smelly animals in cages/traumatising clowns. The second time, I learnt that waiting 90 seconds for the Tube is considered a lengthy wait. And the third time, I learnt that you can keep on walking even when your feet are on fire and about to fall off.

During our first week in London we have walked close to.......... 100 miles I'd say. I should enter some walkathon to cure AIDS.

We went to the town of Cambridge, which is very charming and I plan on saving a few million pounds and sending my children there.. It's very old timey and pretty much what I imagine living in the town of Hogsmeade would be like...(if the town of Hogsmeade had a M&S and a H&M on every corner) We caught the super fast train out there which was like the Hogwarts Express, and saw some very fancy school grounds where Dumbledore would look right at home walking around in.

Art Galleries in Sydney are shit house. Art Galleries here are amazing. We were walking around Cambridge and decided to go into the Gallery (which is free) and saw paintings by Renoir, Monet, Picasso... it's just insane. We saw the picture of the famous lady, who I mainly know of references from the Schweppes commercial. I was hoping if I stood around long enough someone would offer me some lemonade.

However, we got completely lost on the way home from the beautiful historic town of might think in such a beautiful village it would be hard to find the ghetto, but trust me, we found it. We walked around for at least an hour getting more lost and afraid with every never ending street we walked up, that I actually had to think.. "hmmm what would Bear Grylls do??" well Bear would have scaled a building a turned a sheep inside out, but we weren't at that stage yet. Luckily we made it out of there alive.

Mainly though we've been hanging around London Zone 1, and I have spent many hours hanging on street corners in the trendy suburb of Soho. It is summer in London so it's hard to figure out what to wear during the day, cos you think "come on.. it's London.. how hot can it get?" well it got hot enough that I considered walking around in my underpants and buying an ill-fitting impulse buy singlet with Madonna on the front.

Being that it is summer there is a lot of stench around, walking around Leicester Square there are lots of drain smells emanating around the place, where you have to have a reality check for a second. "am I in Bali??" no.. still London, but it doesn't help with guys riding rickshaws around the place either.

All in all, on our first week here we have covered a lot of ground; Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus (no animals) Kensington Gardens, White Cliffs of Dover, the line to Greenwich, and found many suburbs that we'd like to live in. It's also exciting to go to various overseas supermarkets, so I have spent many hours walking around Waitrose and Sainsburys. Supermarkets in another country is about as exciting as it gets for me.

Most importantly though, I have learnt on this trip just who Stuart Broad is:
Stuart Broad is hot, and he plays cricket. And cricket is one of the most boring sports in existence so it's good to have a reason to look at the screen every now and then.

So next up: Amsterdam, more historic buildings, cliff faces, and parks, basically places you would avoid like the plague unless you were on the other side of the world on holidays.

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Helen said...

I live in England and I absolutely love Sainsburys. That makes me even sadder I think. Saddo of the year = me.