Sunday, August 23, 2009

Referend This

When I turned 18, like that week or something, there was a government election and the Referendum to decide wheather Australia would become a Republic.

Being that I was 18 and stupid, I voted NO on Republic for the following spaz reasons:

* I like The Queen. She's a good old geezer, has a bulletproof umbrella, a nice collection of old lady dresses, and ever since the BFG she has been ok in my books.
* I like the Princes. They are hot. Why would I want to do anything to break this relationship? what if I bumped into them in a bar then they asked me what did I vote in the referendum and I said I voted for it... do you think there would be any Queens Jewels touching after that?? I think not.
*I didn't know what they would do with the currency, who would they put on the coins?? and what would happen to all our old currency?? seemed like a mega hard Too Hard Basket notion for me
* What if after we became a Republic, civil war broke out between say Queensland and the Northern Territory?? who would step in then?? the Govenor General and the Queen would be laughing at us from across the globe.

So yeah, for those reasons I voted No... but now i'm not so sure.

Why when I come to the UK and stand in the customs line, I get put in the "other" passport line with all the plebs from Mexico?

This seems really unfair. Why the hell are we part of The Commonwealth if we don't get a good passport line at the airport?? Sure we can race in relay and high-jump events in the Commonwealth Games, but when it comes to entering our mother country we get treated like criminal plebs?? This is not cool.

So if we ever had another referendum, I would see if they would make any changes to the EU passport line and if the answer was 'fools, you have to stand in the really long line where they look at you like you're up to no good'.. then I would vote YES to a Republic.

Then we could at least put our best Home & Away stars and Australian Idols on all our coins.


Epskee said...

"Then we could at least put our best Home & Away stars and Australian Idols on all our coins."

That ought to at least reduce the number of churchies clogging up our purses......

Moi said...

Queensland would kick NT's arse. I would like to see a civil war between New South Wales and Victoria!