Friday, August 14, 2009

No Durer Rabbits

I have been in amsterdam for 4 days. and yeah.
there are no durer rabbits anywhere.
canals high.
canals low.
i have a sic tan.
against the window.

never before have i watched
here in our loft apartment.
i care who wins.

walk walk walk
lets buy tickets
lets not buy tickets
who wants to go to antwerp anyway?
thats just more walking in another pretty city
amsterdam is pretty enough for me.

been here 4 days
mark keeps wanting to get nude
i put him off and say lets go see a sex show instead
then we just watch masterchef and get off our head.

ive seen most of what amsterdam has to offer.
but i really feel that there is more gravity
on these magical canals

i really wish that dutch guy on the canals would shut the hell up
but unfortunately I dont know how to yell "shutupayaface" in dutch out my window

i really wish i could paint ay
i have seen sooooooooooo many renoirs/rembrandts/other famous paintings
that i feel my painting skills are shit and i should have a canvas
then i would be complete

i found the worlds best sneakers. but do you think $500 is too much for sneakers??
I think that its fine. and you would wear them everyday

and that is 4 days in amsterdam.
4 more to go.

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