Monday, August 31, 2009

Milan I Love You

I finally figured out what makes me inherently Australian... when you see a really nice refreshing body of water and think.. I should totally jump in that.

We are staying on the Canals of Navigli, which is in the el trendo area of Milan. For some reason a lot of people must come to Milan and not come to this area, but I can honestly say it is the fucking coolest Italian place I have stayed in. The canals were designed by Leonardo Da Vinci, and are the cleanest canals I have ever seen, the water is a glistening aqua-green, with fish and sea grass running all through it. Kudos to you Leonardo.

Milan gets a lot of shit because it is not as spectacular as Rome. Only Rome can be Rome, think of Milan rather as a fantastico City Shitty Chic. It is a bit Surry Hills-Ish, in that there is graffiti, trams, and only a couple of OTT historical jaw droppingly good buildings, but it is still great.

The Canals we are staying on are in the Navigli Quarter, which is where all the art students and trendites have moved to in recent times, they have built nice loft apartments out of warehouses along the canals and the place shuts down all the streets to have bars and restaurants open along the canal without the worry of cars coming past and running you over.

On sunday they have an antiques market on the canals where you can wander around and pick up some Salvadore Dali paintings, or some giant golden eagles, it was highly impressive and way out of my price range.

Milan is the only city where I have come across the Ultimate Happy Hour. Happy Hour consists of buying a drink for £6 then having access to an unlimited bistro with scrummy italian cuising; salami, ham, cheese, pizza, penne, meatballs, fruit... I have eaten my body weight in the buffet and haven't pooed in days. where are you crap???

The happy hour bars are all over the canal with similar prices at each one. It is fantastic.

What is not fantastic, is when you hire a car with a GPS system and the GPS breaks down. OMG I nearly had a mental breakdown. I thought we'd be living at the Central Stazione for the rest of my life, having to beg for money on the street with the rest of the gypsies and live under a bridge with a gammy leg. There is nothing worse than being in another country where you don't know where you are, where you are going, what the street signs mean, and on the other side of the road. Luckily we made it out of there alive, and are going to drive towards the Swiss Alps tomorrow.

Milan I shall miss thee. Anyone who bags you out clearly hasn't seen the side of you that I have Sure the Duomo is amazing, you can climb around on the roof and touch the marble gargoyles that took 400 years to create, but the city is about more than just amazing buildings. Happy Hour should be everywhere. I also like that the Beggar Children around here are just as happy with a slice of salami as they are with £2. You can't fault the Italians for anything.

Bellagio next.. will the GPS work?? or will I end up skinning a sheep and living in it's carcus like Bear Grylls??? stay tuned.

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