Friday, August 21, 2009

It's weird, but I like it.

Other countries are just weird, even though London is just a more impressive original print of Sydney, there are just weird things over here that we don't have at home;

Hair Removing Underarm Deoderant?? wtf? I brought some, so we'll see weather or not my armpit gets cancer and falls off, because what exactly is making the hair disappear?? wizardry.

Iggy Pop doing car insurance ads.. why?

East 17 music on commercials. I can't get away from East 17 anywhere I go, specially when you take the Victoria Line and the last station is Walthamstow.. that suburb is full of east end boys, and west end girls..

I went and visited Roald Dahl's grave whilst in the area, in some remote little village in Middleton. So Cute. Even the doors in the street were tiny like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Roald is buried at St Peter and St Paul Church on very nice green grounds. All we had to do was follow the other families of children to find his resting place.

One weird thing is that right next to Roald Dahls grave was one belonging to a Lorna Loopy.. wtf?? It's hard to miss the monkeys from the Twits on the gravestone. Who is this woman? she died before Roald so its just bizarre to see her grave next to his and have no idea who she is. Either she was a good friend of Roalds or she is the penultimate stalker Number #1 Fan, who can stalk her favourite writer into the next dimension.
Hope you took your giant dream catching device into the big dreamworld in the sky Roald.


oldeboots said...

No! That's not true at all ... I think that you must have a dose of whatever Lorna Loopy had.

I refuse to believe that Iggy Pop has a lust for offsetting future risk.

So much is wrong with the world.

tropical times (mum) said...

Hi princess, appears stepdaughter to Roald..aah 2nd marriage to felicity...cute name.

her name being lucy lorna crosland..
Loopy Lorna sounds more fun though
xxxx looks like life is most xcellent.

what date do u return.??