Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Possums in the Spare Room

A while back, we had an incident wherby a Possum, snuck in through the kitchen blinds and decided to set up camp in a dirty saucepan in our sink.

Needless to say, I was excited... Mark (the girl) was scared and thought it would rip our eyes out if we got too close, and didn't understand my first priority, being - take a photo of the possum in the saucepan, cos that is only likely to occur once in a lifetime.

SO.... this time, when we found a possum in the spare room, I was the at the ready with the safety of a dressing gown, and a camera.
ooooooooooh how cute!! sif that little guy would do anything except want to snuggle all night??

The only question remains... how did he get in there?

Is this the same possum from the kitchen from months ago?? because technically we never saw the possum leave as we were too busy arguing about the appropriateness of taking a photo over say - surviving a rabid possum attack.

And yet - here he is.... hanging in the spare room like he owns the place - he was probably about to watch some sex & the city and get on facebook before we interrupted.

There is no way he snuck in through that tiny crack from the only open window. It's a mystery. You would think we would have noticed a possum meandering down the hallway, but I guess not.
Luckily this time, I opened the window for him and witnessed him sideways climbing on a ledge away from the building using his magical possum toes that can cling to anything.


sharnee said...

He looks kind of evil.... like he's about to bite down on the thumb that's giving approval!
I only trust cats (and then, not 100%)!

Sarah said...

SO cute :-D Gam and I probably would've had the same argument... glad you were prepared this time and scored some photos!

Esz said...

The cuteness!! What a sneaky little bugger - I wonder what he wanted to do inside your house!