Friday, July 24, 2009

Possum Outbreak

Ok, this is getting just a little bit ridiculous.

We found another possum in the spare room. This time hiding under the comfort wonder known as the 'love sac'.. the Love Sac is a bean-baggy type thing that cost us $600 that we thought would be nice to sit in whilst reading in the spare room. It's pretty much just where Lenny sleeps during the day, so it's nice to know that our money was well spent.

Possums it seems are also partial to Love Sacs... I would be too - wouldn't a nice Microsuede Love Sac be leagues better than say a ratty old tree branch?? I believe so and the influx of possums in the spare room will back my insane theories.

Don't think we can't see you!!!!!!!!!!! Trying to blend in with the carpet "what?? I'm just a piece of possum shaped carpet....." nice try possum.

I do have to wonder though.. How the f$# are they getting inside?? and how long have we been living with a fricken family of possums in the spare room for??

Not that I'm complaining, after having a Huntsman Spider infestation for the past few years, I would much rather a furry marsupial outbreak any day.

We took this possum (who knows how many others there are hiding around the place??) and put him in his rightful place, outside in a tree.

Don't think you can just mooch off us Possum! There might be a recession, but my spare room is no refuge for down and out possums!!! This ain't Martin Place!! Go beg for spare change somewhere else.

You are adorably cute though... Oh Ok, the whole family can move in, just leave your nits at the door.


Sarah said...

Awww... as long as they don't wee inside, that's adorable! Awesome pics :)

Jewels Diva said...

Awwwww, poor woobies, they just want to come in from the cold!!!!