Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ode to Brown Cars

Where have all the brown cars gone?
I long to see one parked on my lawn.
So ugly on the eyes,
You've all gone to the big carpark in the skies.
Where did you all come from??

I haven't seen a brown car in forever.
They are like an extinct race... Dodo's, Sperm Whales, and Brown Cars.

Brown Cars were HUGE in the 80's. Everyone had them. Chevy Chase, 80's Texas Oil Tycoons, Al Bundy.. but these days.. nothin.

Why did the brown cars die out?? I would love to drive an old piece of shit poo coloured car around. It'd be diferent wouldn't it? Red?Blue? soo boring.

If 1980's spandex clothing can make a comeback, then Brown Cars should too. Who's coming to the rally?? 11am (cos I like to sleep in) at my house tomorrow. We'll make signs and watch The Young Ones on VHS in the spare room.


Epskee said...

I love brown cars. My mum still drives one. She is so easy to spot in a carpark. Just look for the poo.

Love it

Anonymous said...

They be actually BRONZE!!

blokeman said...

aww you are just remembering Vinnie and our first tastes of freedom and what resembled a car, but was largely held together with bog and duct tape....I miss vinnie, that car had character!